Parques patrimoniais (agrários, fluviais, geoparques): o território das águas

André Munhoz de Argollo Ferrão


Regional development projects in the twentieth century mainly favored efficiency and technical rationality, but did not consider local realities and the real needs of the communities involved. It is essential to know and respect the cultural aspects related to the use and management of water in every region and in every society, because the key issue of water resources management processes is not purely technical, but stems from ignorance of the socio-cultural dimension before, during and after the implementation of these projects and policies. This article seeks to associate the idea of heritage parks (agrarian, riverparks, geoparks), water and land systems, and culture as territorial planning instruments, under integrated watershed management programs.


Cultural landscape; Water resources; Watershed management; Agrarian parks; Riverparks; Geoparks.

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