Altura da camada de mistura na cidade do Rio de Janeiro

Benedito Crescencio Ribeiro


This work describes the methods for determination of the mixing depths at morning and afternoon hours. In over Rio de Janeiro the morning mixing depth is calculated extending a dry adiabat on the "SKEWT - LOGP" diagram from 12 GMT surface temperature to its intersection with vertical temperature profile, observed at the minimum temperature hours. In the afternoon hours a dry adiabat is extended from maximum surface temperature to Its intersection with the 12 GMT observed vertical temperature profile. The mean mixing depth is calculated for each month over the period 1967-1976 through two distinct ways. The results are very well correlated and show a correlation coefficient greater than 0.9. Over Rio de Janeiro the mean maximum mixing depths are heigher in July (1216 m)and lower in october (812 m). The mean mixing depths in the morning hours are heigher in December (633 m) and lower in June (369 m).

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