O método das dependências na redução de placas astrográficas

L.E Machado, E. R Netto, G.G Vieira, J.F Caldeira, H Debehogne


Dependencies and 165 astrometric positions of asteroids are given; 58 of these refer to asteroids of the Ephemeridi Malik Planet/1981, while 107 are not included in this publication. Further research will reveal the true identify of theses 11 photographed celestial bodies. The G.P.O. refractor telesco pe of ESO, La Silla, was used, observations being made by Dr. H. Debehogne and R.R. Freitas Mourão, National Observato ry, Rio de Janeiro. Reduction was accomplished at the Valon go Observatory, UFRJ, through the method of dependencies;for comparison, the method of least squares was also used. The importance of publishing dependencies is emphasized.

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