Estudo litogeoquímico dos granitóides do norte do Mato Grosso (Brasil), litogênese do sistema plutônico granítico póscolisional a intraplaca na porção sul do cráton amazônico



The geochemistry of the granites located in the north of Mato Grosso (Brazil) allowed the identification of geochemical characteristics, in relation to the smaller and larger elements, of high K-calcium alkaline series, similar to type A2 granites, possibly of mantle origin contaminated by crustal elements. The geochemical pattern resembles the granites of post-collision or post-orogenic systems, some of them tending to the geochemical characteristics of the environment of systems Intraplate and Anorogenics. The U-Pb (isotopic geochemistry) geochronological ages are located between the Orosirian (Paleoproterozoic) and the Calymmian (Mesoproterozoic), which suggests, as a function of the multielementar distribution and the pattern of rare earth elements (REE), the same origin or source primordial for these granitogeneses.


Litogeochemistry; Granites; Pos-collisional magmatism.



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