Avaliação de desempenho da revista Terræ Didatica na área de Geociências

Flávio Lopes Linquevis, Celso Dal Ré Carneiro, Pedro Wagner Gonçalves


This article describes results of a research about the editorial performance of Terræ Didatica (TD). It puts in evidence that the educational journal of the University of Campinas has been well accepted by the community. The research sought to evaluate whether the journal effectively acts as a dissemination tool of geoscientific knowledge. The instruments are Likert questionnaires and interviews with readers, authors, editors and editorial board members, aimed at measuring a series of aspects of interest for Geosciences teaching. The answers strongly support the effort of TD for disseminating high quality articles, both technical and didactic, as has been rightly done so far. The data shows the existence of a critical mass of researchers, teachers, students and other interested parties capable of actively promoting the dissemination of Geosciences in Brazilian society and even forming a recognizable community at the international level. It was suggested the journal to go beyond the context of public institutions of higher education.


Geology; Earth Sciences; Education; Geography; Publishing; Popularization of Science; Environment.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20396/td.v14i2.8652658


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