Práticas em Geociências: roteiro de campo para compreender a evolução costeira no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Luana Portz, Rogério Portantiolo Manzolli, Maria Luiza Correa da Câmara Rosa, Nelson Gruber, Eduardo Guimarães Barboza, Luiz José Tomazelli


The Coastal Plain of Rio Grande do Sul is an excellent learning site, being one of the few coastal plains in the world where it is possible to visualize the stratigraphic/sedimentary records of the last four sea-level fluctuations caused by glacial/eustatic events of the Quaternary Period. This study proposes a Geology field trip that can be used by educators as a complement to the didactic content of Geosciences subjects. This field itinerary presents 10 waypoints where one can observe geological records and characteristics, which contribute to learning through practical activities. The article contains didactic materials to be used in the practical field classes, with a description of each waypoint, as well as its geographical coordinate and photographic records. The adoption of appropriate itineraries for the study of the environment may lead to a deeper understanding of the contents worked in the classroom, elucidating and giving meaning to the learning.


Quaternary Period; Coastal plain; Education; Geological site; Geoeducation.

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