Modelo físico para a determinação de epicentro: uma ferramenta para o ensino da Sismologia

A. L. Melo, B. F. Chiba, E. N. S. Gomes, C. B. Silva


This paper presents a small-scale physical model illustrating the determination of earthquake epicenters, which aims to contribute to the teaching of Geosciences in basic education. The model may be used as a didactic support in a ludic approach to the teaching of Seismology concepts in the classroom, as well as in laboratories, exhibitions, and museums. The experiment is built from accessible materials. The paper presents details about the construction of the model, the used materials, and the computer program used for data acquisition and processing. This model is part of the work done at the Analog Modeling Laboratory of the Geophysics Faculty at the Federal University of Pará, Brazil. The models developed there are presented yearly at the “What is Geophysics?” exhibition, which has aroused the interest of the general public. For the multidisciplinary character of its construction, the experiment may be used as didactic support for teaching concepts of Geology, Physics, Electronics, Mathematics, and Computing.


Epicenter location; Seismology; Geosciences teaching.

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