Nuclídeos cosmogênicos: uma análise sobre um século de pesquisa em Geociências

Cristiane Heredia Gomes, Diogo Gabriel Sperandio, Rafael Lima Dessart


The Portuguese language with more than 20 years of research in Cosmogenic Nuclides, still lacks literature and bibliographies on this subject, compared to English speaking contries. In Brazil, studies dedicated to research in this area are rare and scarce. Thus, Cosmochronology in Brazilian Science is new and mostly unknown. In order to promote the discussion about the applications of cosmogenic nuclides in science and its history, even if in a small way, we present this paper. It seeks to carry out a historical reconstruction of the research on cosmogenic nuclides and their important implications in Geosciences. Cosmogenic nuclides represent an indispensable tool for the study, understanding and determination of variational rates as a function of time. Therefore, in the last decades, the application of these isotopes in the most diverse geological environments, such as coastal, lacustrine, glacial, volcanic, tectonic, and extraterrestrial environments, has been explored and embraced within Geology.


Geosciences,; Cosmogenic particles; Chlorine; Beryl; Aluminum.

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