Contribuições da educação não formal no aprendizado sobre Geodiversidade: Projeto Geodiversidade na Educação

Carla Silvia Pimentel, Antonio Liccardo, Kleverson Gonçalves Maieski, Camila Priotto Mendes


The project “Geodiversity in Education” has been developing actions in non-formal education field since 2011. Among them, organized an exhibition of geological material, similar to a museum, which try to develop Geoscience Education, Heritage Education and Environmental Education based on the knowledge of geodiversity. After consolidation of the project, the research sought to identify effective contributions in professional training of students-monitors of the Geography courses and students-visitors’ learning. The results revealed that the project’s actions contributed effectively in the performance of students in the course and/or in professional life, in addition bringing contributions to personal improvement. Evaluation aims the project meets your function in non-formal education, disseminating scientific knowledge to the community and developing supplementary products. About students who visited the exhibition, their teachers answers showed direct correlation between contents of the exhibition and those taught to his students in lessons, declaring that the project is motivating and didactically adequate.


Geodiversity; Non-formal education; Geological heritage; Geosciences.

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