Experiência interdisciplinar na Educação Básica e na formação de professores: Artes, Biologia e Geociências

Sarah Gonçalves Duarte, Claudia Maria Magalhães Ribeiro Martins, Luana Graziella Bandeira, Lucio Caetano Carramillo, Marcos Pereira Gervásio, Maria Dolores Wanderley


Interdisciplinarity improves the teaching-learning process. Thus, a method merging “Art, Biology and Geosciences” was developed. The aim of this method was to make the high school students of a state college represent through art the origin of the universe, of the planet Earth and of life, following the scale of geological time and the evolution of organisms. After four theoretical classes, the materials produced, collected or donated by universities were presented at the exhibition “A journey in the history of life with Art and Biology”. This method was also applied to undergraduate teaching degree students in Biological Sciences and Geography, from two public universities in Rio de Janeiro state (UFRRJ and UFRJ), as an example of a didactic-pedagogical experience of an interdisciplinary method. As a result, the learning of high school students and the awareness of undergraduate students about the importance of interdisciplinary activities to minimize the fragmentation of knowledge was observed.


Education; Evolution; Paleontology; Didactics.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20396/td.v14i3.8652424


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