Continuing teachers education and social learning in the promotion of geoconservation: the case of the Gold Cycle Geopark Project, Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil

Diogo B. Soares, Vânia M. N. Santos


This article aims to present possibilities of the use of participatory methodologies, such as Social Learning tools, in the promotion of geoconservation. The reflections presented here were built upon “Module III - Social Learning” of the continuing education course for teachers “Education, Environment and Social Learning: socio-educational practices for sustainability and geoconservation”, developed in the city of Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil. The course was promoted within the scope of the Gold Cycle Geopark Project and its results subsidized a postdoctoral research, a master’s research, specialized publications in the area, and contributions to Education for Geoconservation. The methodological proposal was based on five public schools in Guarulhos and involved teachers from different areas of knowledge. In addition to the pedagogical and management teams of the schools, different social actors took part in the initiative, such as: representatives of the community, partner universities and municipal secretariats of the city. The main objective of the course was to develop collaborative socio-environmental proposals for the promotion of citizenship, sustainability and protection of local geoheritage by the school.


Geosciences education; Social learning; Participatory methodologies; Geopark.

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