Modelos físicos tridimensionais de bacias sedimentares como recurso para ensino-aprendizagem de Geologia

Celso Dal Ré Carneiro, Kauan Martins dos Santos, Thiago Rivaben Lopes, Filipe Constantino dos Santos, Jorge Vicente Lopes da Silva, Ana Lucia Nogueira de Camargo Harris


Three-dimensional modeling connects several fields of knowledge, both basic and applied. 3D models are relevant in educational research because the manipulation of 3D objects favors the acquisition of spatial vision by the students, but there are few didactic publications in Portuguese on the subject for Geosciences. The authors are developing an educational research project to produce three-dimensional models of didactic examples of sedimentary basins: the Paraná Basin (Silurian-Upper Cretaceous), the Taubaté and the São Paulo basins (Neogene). 3D-compatible files will be produced to compose didactic and display material, from maps and geological-structural profiles of certain regional stratigraphic levels of each basin. The research challenges are: (a) to obtain an overview of the available resources for 3D modeling; (b) to evaluate their potential, characteristics, advantages and limitations for application in Geology and Geosciences; (c) to create computational models of the basins; (d) to produce at least one physical model based on one of the computational models of each basin. The resources will subsidize training workshops for in-service teachers, technical-scientific articles and Internet pages.


Teaching-learning; 3D models; Sedimentary basins; Geology; Geosciences; Science popularization.

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