The use of geological handmade models in the teaching of Geosciences

L.F.C Horta, E.S. Muniz, P.H.P Assunção, J.P. Lima, B.S. Friguetto, G.C. Moreira, P.L.F. Ferreira


The Projeto de Educação Tutorial Engenharia Geológica (PET Engenharia Geológica) of UFOP (Federal University of Ouro Preto) is a student entity basically structured in the three pillars: extension activities, scientific research and education. Further, during extension/educational activities led by the group, it has always been a challenge to teach geological matters in a simple way to students of secondary and high school levels. Therefore, the PET Engenharia Geológica decided to build a few models to better illustrate some of the geological processes and explain what may not be so easily understood by the students. The first model was made last year and consists of a geologic prototype of Serra de Ouro Preto, showing the topography and lithology aspects of its surface. Geologically, it is characterized by Archean and Paleoproterozoic rocks of Rio das Velhas Supergroup (Maquiné Group and Nova Lima Group), Minas Supergroup (Caraça, Itabira, Piracicaba and Sabará groups) and the lithologies of Itacolomi Group. Its main structure signatures consist of the Mariana’s Anticlinal and its topographic response. Subsequently, a second prototype was built, a volcano model. The mentioned models were exposed it in two different education/academic events in 2017 obtaining very positive feedbacks as a result of the initiative. Now, the project aims to continue and follow the education track, in an attempt to help in the teaching of Geosciences – in public high schools of Ouro Preto – with handmade models.


Geosciences; 3D models; Teaching; Education; Serra de Ouro Preto; PET Engenharia Geológica; UFOP.

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