Volcanes en patagonia: construcción de un espacio de memoria, educación y prevención

S. Murriello, L. Pierucci, A. Spera, I. Dobrée, M.E. Apa, M. Nuñez Freire, C. Salazar Marin


In spite volcanism and seismicity are foundational for Andean Patagonian geography, these events are hidden in the official history in Argentina and are absent in public policies. In consequence, it is necessary to recover the ways to perceive the environment from different social groups on regard to seismic and volcanic risk because knowing the risk perception of the vulnerable communities is useful for making public policies. With this purpose the authors have recovered experiences of volcanic and seismic events form the last decades and constructed a virtual space to keep social memories.


Patagonia; Vulcanisnm; Social memory; Dissemination; Prevention.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20396/td.v14i4.8654164


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