Educação para a geoconservação: reflexões da experiência no Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar (SP)

Eliana Mazzucato, Denise de La Corte Bacci, Vânia Maria Nunes dos Santos


This article aims to report and analyze the experience of elaboration, planning and application of the course “Geoconservation strategies in Serra do Mar State Park”, which was carried out among 2016 and 2017 in Picinguaba and Caraguatatuba Center and in a public elementary school at Ubatuba. This course has consisted of the valorization and dissemination of geological heritage and the local geodiversity based on the inventories already developed in the study area. The approach was based on principles of the Social Learning for encouraging the Geoconservation in this area. The development of the course was based on geoscientific education; interpretation and dissemination of the geodiversity; knowledge and experiences valorization of locals actors; and in the participation these actors in educative proposals for the conservation.


Geoconservation; Serra do Mar State Park; Participation; Propagation courses.

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