Jogos interpretativos e palestras: ferramentas de educação ambiental do Parque Nacional dos Campos Gerais (Paraná)

Jasmine Cardozo Moreira


Environmental Education can integrate recreational activities, promoting the awareness of society for the conservation and protection of natural resources. This paper aims to present an interpretive game and the results of the Environmental Education Project developed in the Campos Gerais National Park - Paraná, entitled “ICMBio goes to schools: getting to know the Protected Areas”. These activities aim to present the relevant characteristics of local geodiversity and biodiversity that led to the creation of this unit, seeking the support of the community for the conservation of the region. The project focuses on local schools. The methodology used included bibliographic and documentary research, questionnaires, and the game. It is concluded that the result of these actions contributes to the awareness of the students and to show the importance of the conservation of the natural heritage of the Campos Gerais National Park.


Meio ambiente; Jogos; Áreas protegidas.

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