À descoberta de recursos naturais: Uma atividade outdoor com alunos do Ensino Primário

Rosa Branca Tracana, Ana Lopes, Ana Farinha Direito, Maria Eduarda Ferreira


Teaching in context of outdoor-learning is a promising strategy in the development of attitudes and values of respect for nature and its preservation, as well as to raise awareness of the aesthetic aspects of the environment. Natural environment requires that environmental education unleash ecocentric feelings in our children, in order to halt the anthropocentric perspective in relation to the environment. Portuguese primary education presents a curricular guidance for practical outdoor learning in the curriculum, namely discovery of the natural environment, in the fourth year of schooling. So, the aim of this research is to understand if these primary school children knew the natural resource in the local where they live, the River Zêzere, by applying a questionnaire. Face to results obtained we built and validated a teaching resource, a guide, whose purpose is the discovery of this natural resource through an outdoor activity.


Environmental Education; Zêzere River; Outdoor activity; Elementary school.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20396/td.v14i4.8649282


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