El aporte de la Geología en investigaciones arqueológicas multidisciplinarias e interdisciplinarias: casos de estudio

Adriana M. Blasi


We present examples of geological research directed towards the resolution of archaeological problems. The existing approaches are characterized as either multi-disciplinary or inter-disciplinary, evaluating the degree of involvement with the specific archaeological questions being asked. We also remark the perceived limitations in this kind of approaches, which are basically related with differences in terms of temporal scales of analysis and with an absence of a scientific policy that encourages inter-disciplinary research. We emphasize the utility of physiographic, topographical, geomorphological, geological, geochronological, and pedo-sedimentary studies for an adequate contextualization of the archaeological record; likewise the requirement of a detailed knowledge of the nature of the inorganic raw materials used for the confection of the material culture, and of their possible provision sources. Finally, the conduction of paleoenvironment and paleoclimatic research, based on fine-grained geological and biological records, allows for a correct reconstruction of the formation processes of the archaeological record.

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