The 6th earth sciences olympiad in Argentina: chronicle of a complex experience

José Sellés-Martínez


The International Earth Sciences Olympiad (IESO) is a young event with just a few years of tradition. However, they are growing constantly after the initial impulse given by the countries of south-eastern Asia. The 6th edition of the event, initially planned to take place in Japan in 2012, was moved urgently after the earthquake and tsunami that hit the country in 2011. Although Argentina has no Earth Sciences as a secondary school curricular subject, the fact that the country was present since the beginning in the institutions that organized the event (IGEO and IESO), made it possible to take the decision to move the event to Argentina. The organization of the Olympiad became complex due to administrative and political factors affecting the country and the hosting Province of Buenos Aires (where it took place); nevertheless, the results were very highly satisfactory thanks to the enthusiasm and spirit of cooperation of the 18 participating teams.

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