Discovery and orbit of asteroid 1979 HB (ESO, La Silla)

H Debehogne, J. F Caldeira


This paper presents orbital elements for the asteroid 1979 HB discovered during the period from april 20 through april 29 , 1979 at the GPO telescope (f= 4m, d2 40 cm) of the European Southern Observatory - ESO, La Silla, Chile. The orbit has been computed by Gauss-Encke Method (with successive improvements of the geocentric distances based on 21 positions). All plates were measured at the Ascorecord Zeiss/Jena measuring machine of the Valongo Observatory . The positions were computed by means of dependences and of the least squares, with the computer Burrough's B6700 of the Núcleo de Computação Eletrônica - NCE, of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro . The observations are reduced to the equinox 1950, and the coordinates of the reference stars, taken from the SAO Stars Catalogue, are corrected for proper motions.

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