v. 20 (1989)


Wilson Teixeira
Paleomagnétism and geochronology of mafic dikes from the regions of Salvador, Olivença and Uauá, São Francisco Craton, Brazil: present stage of the USP/Princeton University collaboration
M. S D'Agrella Filho, I. G Pacca, T. C Onstott, P. R Renne, W Teixeira
Mafic dykes of Salvador (State of Bahia, Brazil): geological and petrological characteristics
C Moraes-Brito, G Bellieni, P Comin-Chiaramonti, A. J Melfi, E. M Piccirillo, M. A. F Tanner de Oliveira
Preliminary petrographic and geochemical considerations on the precambrian mafic dykes of the Ilhéus-Olivença area, Bahia
M. A. F Tanner de Oliveira, G Bellieni, P Comin-Chiaramonti, A. J Melfi, E. M Piccirillo, C Moraes-Brito
Structural features associated with mafic dikes: examples from the atlantic coastal belt of Bahia, Brazil
L. C. C Gomes, M. A. F Tanner de Oliveira, L. R. B Leal
Mafic dykes in the southern part of the São Francisco craton: a tectonic review based on K/Ar geochronology
W Teixeira
Proterozoic dikes of the Bom Sucesso region, Minas Gerais, Brazil
J. J. G Quéméneur
Secular variation in the composition of Brazilian mafic dyke swarms: preliminary results
E. P Oliveira
La/Nb variation in Proterozoic and Mesozoic mafic dyke swarms in Brazil
E. M Piccirillo, G Bellieni, C Moraes-Brito, P Comin-Chiaramonti, G Martins, M. H. F Macêdo, A. J Melfi, J. P. P Pinese, M. A. F Tanner de Oliveira
Petrography and geochemistry of Proterozoic mafic dykes from the Guiana Shield, northern Amazon Craton
A Choudhuri
Petrography and geochronology of amphibolitic rocks in the São José dos Quatro Marcos area, southwestern Mato Grosso, Brazil
M. A Carneiro
First integrated photogeological map of the precambrian dyke swarm of Uruguai: some geological inferences
J Bossil, N Campal, I Garat, D Piñeyro, C Gomez Rifas
Mesozoic mafic dykes of northeastern South America and correlations with similar dyke swarms in West África and eastern North America
A. N Sial, R. V Fodor, V. P Ferreira
Tholeiitic dyke swarm from the Ponta Grossa Arch and genetic relationships to the Paraná flood volcanics (Brazil)
E. M Piccirillo, G Bellieni, G Cavazzini, P Comin-Chiaramonti, R Petrini, A. J Melfi, J. P. P Pinese, P Zantedeschi, A de Min
Mesozoic mafic dyke swarm from Rio Ceará-Mirim (northeast Brazil)
G Martins, G Bellieni, P Comin-Chiaramonti, A. J Melfi, M. H. F Macedo, E. M Piccirillo
An estimate of the degree of crustal extension and thinning associated with the Guapiara lineament based on aeromagnetic modelling
F. J. F Ferreira, R Monma, C. A. G Campanha, V. L Galli
F. F. M. de Almeida, C. D. R Carneiro
O Editor