Taphoflora of Karroo in the Zambezi Basin (Tete region, Mozambique)

Mary Elizabeth C B. de Oliveira, Denise Pons


A small collection of plant impressions in ferruginous shales of the Productive Series of the Karroo System, in the Zambezi Basin, Mozambique, contains elements of a typical Glossopteris Flora including: Glossopteris communis Feistm., G. browniana Brongn., G. indica Schimper, G. cf. occidentalis White, G. stricta Bunbury, G. angustifolia Brongn., G. cf. G. longicaulis Feistm., G. cf. G. ampla Dana, Gangamopteris obovata (Carr.) White, Umbellaphyllites cf. U. ivini Rigby, Paracalamites australis Rigby, scaleleaves and seeds. Some species as Glossopteris occidentalis White and Umbellaphyllites ivini Rigby are for tre frrst time recorded in African Gondwanaland. This taphoflora suggests an Artinskian age for the Productive Series.

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