A silicified stromatolitic microflora from the late precambrian of west-central Brazil and its implications for proterozoic biostratigraphy

Thomas R Fairchild, Sandra M.R Subagus, Ivo Karmann


A late or middle Proterozoic microflora of narrow, tubular to septate, probably algal filaments and small-celled algal or bacterial colonies has been found in a silicified stromatolite in the lower Bambui Group on Cedral Ranch, near Sâo Domingos, Goiás, west-central Brazil. The very small size and simple morphology of the microfossils suggest an age possibly older than 1400 m.y. for the Bambui Group, an age inconsistent with other available geologic and paleobiologic data. An understanding of the biological affinities, paleoecological setting, and timing of silicification of this microflora may clarify this apparent paradox.

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