Lepidodendrales do eogondwana de Monte Mor, SP, base do subgrupo Itararé: 1 - Brasilodendron pedroanum (Carruthers) Chaloner, Leistikow & Hill, 1979

José Henrique Millan


In this paper the author develops a study of Lepidodendrales found in the paleophytological gondwanic association of Monte Mor, Sao Paulo State, Brazil, which were described in his Dr. Sc. thesis, University of Sao Paulo. It is the continuation of other papers about this taphoflorula and the research project of the author named "Bacías carboníferas do Gondwana do Estado de São Paulo: composição florística". It is a project which is executed under the auspices of CEPG/UFRJ, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and CNPq, National Council of Research. The fossils are preserved as casts and impressions and are stems and leaves represented by the following species: Brasilodendron pedroanum (Carr.), for first time described and figured in Tubarão Group of Sao Paulo State. The material is registered under the identification of Col. DGP-MM-Pb, of the Paleobotanies Sector of Department of Geology and Paleontology of National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, depository of the collection.

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