New U-Pb (SHRIMP) and first Hf isotope constraints on the Tonian (1000-920 Ma) Cariris Velhos event, Borborema Province, NE Brazil

Fabrício de Andrade Caxito, Lauro Cézar Montefalco de Lira Santos, Alexandre Uhlein, Elton Luiz Dantas, Ana Ramalho Alkmim, Cristiano Lana


Orthogneisses associated with metavolcanosedimentary successions related to the 1000 – 920 Ma Cariris Velhos event occur mainly in a ca. 700 km-long sigmoidal-shaped belt that crosscuts the Transversal Zone of the Borborema Province and extends to the fold belts located in its southern or external zone (part of the Riacho do Pontal and Sergipano orogens). Despite its importance, the tectonic setting and the role of those rocks in the geological evolution of the Borborema Province are contentious and not yet well understood. New zircon U-Pb SHRIMP data on an augen-gneiss sill of the Afeição Suite intruding mica-schists mapped as part of the Santa Filomena Complex yielded a Concordia Age of 974 ± 11 Ma, indicating that at least part of the metasedimentary rocks in the internal zone of the Riacho do Pontal Orogen are Tonian or older and possibly related to the Cariris Velhos event. Hf-in-zircon isotope data are presented for the first time for Cariris Velhos-related ortho-derived rocks of the Afeição Suite. Analyzed samples yielded εHf(t) in a narrow range between -1.51 and +2.41, with associated TDMHf of 1.6-1.4 Ga, similar to previously obtained Nd isotope data with εNd(t) = -1.0 to +3.1 and TDMNd of 1.5-1.2 Ga. A possible scenario to explain both the geochemical features and the moderately juvenile to slightly evolved, near-chondritic Hf and Nd isotope signatures is a continental arc setting, where fractionated melts produced in the supra-subduction zone mantle wedge carrying a Tonian juvenile signature became contaminated with discrete amounts of Archean-Paleoproterozoic continental crust during ascent, producing Mesoproterozoic model ages which represent the mixture of those two end-members.


U-Pb SHRIMP geochronology; Hf isotope analysis; Cariris Velhos; Borborema Province.

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