Transporte dos Sedimentos Finos em Suspensão e Origem da Matéria Orgânica nas Bacias dos Rios Capivari e Jundiaí (SP)

Graziela Meneghel de Moraes, Jefferson Mortatti, Helder de Oliveira, Karine Balbo de Gênova Campos


This study show to evaluate aspects of the dynamics of fine suspended sediments in the basins of Capivari and Jundiaí rivers (SP), to the understanding of mechanical erosion processes occurring in the two watersheds studied, and investigate the origin of organic matter in fine suspended using the parameters of references (end -members) in order to demonstrate the influence of different activities related to the use and occupation of land sediments. We found that although linear correlation between the FSS and the flow of rivers Jundiaí and Capivari be typical of small rivers, the transport of fine suspended sediments showed an average high erosion, respectively , primarily related to the use and occupancy of existing soil in the basins. Using the isotopic ratios (C/N) and δ13C it was found that despite the influence of mechanical erosion basins , organic , substances present in the fine suspended sediment are introduced wastewater streams in both untreated.


Mechanical erosion; End-Members; Capivari and Jundiaí Rivers.



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