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B.R. Rosendahl - Architecture of african rifts with special reference to the brazilian margin.

Peter Szatmari and José R. Aires - Physical modelling of early cretaceous continental breakup between South America and Africa.

João Cláudio J. Conceição, Pedro Victor Zalan and Sven Wolff - The South Atlantic rifting.

Augusto C.M. Castro Jr. - The Northeastern Brazil and Gabon basins: a double rifting system associated with multiple crustal detachment surfaces.

Michel Popoff - Benue trough oblique rifting, NE Brazil interior basins and the geodynamic evolution of the Equatorial domain of the South Atlantic.

Berthou, P.Y.; Depehces, F.; Campos, D.A.; Herbin, J.P.; and Pierres, C. - New Data on sedimentation, paleoenvironment and stratigraphy of the Chapada do Araripe.

James A. Austin, Jr. - Workshop to develop scientific drilling initiatives in the South Atlantic and adjacent southern ocean: a report.

Beurlen, G. and Regali, M.S.P. - The Cretaceous off-shore Pará-Maranhão, brazil: biostratigraphy and paleoecology.

Paulo Tibana - Cretaceous evolution of the brazilian atlantic margin and deduced from the carbonate record.

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